The Qsource Long-term Care Division is here to assist our Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) across the nation. We are a group of dedicated professionals who provide support and guidance to assist facilities with culture change to improve quality of care and life of their resident populations. Our team has vast experience navigating Long-term Care’s many facets, hospital systems compliance, and quality improvement across many healthcare domains.

Our Mission is to assist SNFs with promoting a culture of quality of care and life of their residents by utilizing best practice solutions, increase staff understanding and compliance with federal and state regulations, individualized management and facility QAPI projects to avoid civil monetary penalties, and encourage accountable performance utilizing systematic and individual analytic data.

We offer a range of services to SNFs, including:

“Thank you! It was a great meeting; I wish it was twice a year… so much good information!”

CSC Annual Summit attendee

“Our QI Advisor has provided so many great tools for use and have guided our community, down the path to success as set goals to see reduction in falls and have achieved that month after month. Our facility team also worked with the Quality Improvement Advisor to help enhance our QAPI program. Additional education was provided to our administrative team, and they became much more knowledgeable about the QAPI process. Our QAPI meetings became more meaningful and productive.”

Tanner Foust, Administrator | Community Care of Rutherford

“By participating in the Culture of Safety Center project with Qsource, we improved our outcome measures and learned new quality improvement techniques. We enhanced our culture of safety through the expertise gained from Qsource Advisors and shared experiences from the regional collaborative.”

Buffy Lamb, Administrator | Generations of Spencer

“I wanted to let you know that we have been in survey all this week and I was able to use our work with you as the surveyors looked at 3 of the residents we are working on. The exited late this evening and at this time we are deficiency free! I wanted to thank you for your hard work on this project. To be honest this is the first time I have been in a collaborative and have seen true results. Again, thank you for all you do and know you are making a difference!!!!”

Susan Goodman, DON | Life Care Center of Athens

Working with Qsource staff, Elk River Health and Nursing Center of Fayetteville saw impressive improvement in their fall rate, antipsychotic rate, and polypharmacy data.

  • In one month, the facility saw their fall rate drop from 13.8% to 6.8%.
  • They maintained a fall rate between 6% and 7% for the following year.
  • Their antipsychotic rate decreased from 29.3% to 18.1% in a year.
  • They improved their polypharmacy average from 12.8 medications per patient to 9.1 medications per patient over a year.
Elk River at Fayetteville

“I cannot say enough good things about this program. We have worked on psychotropic reduction which is right in line with the state requirements. This group has helped me with a patient each month this year to reduce the usage for that patient. They brought in a pharmacist each meeting to help also. Our psych rate has been reduced because of this program. Last year was a tremendous help with fall reduction. I am looking forward to another successful year next year with this good group. Thank you for all you do.”

Shirley Wood, DON | Briarwood Community Living Center